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What can we at the Red Baron Classic Racing Team offer the sponsors?

Sponsors of the Red Baron Classic Racing Team may make use of the growing popularity of the historic car racing sport. You have the possibility to treat your guests to a day at the races, right on the circuit. Past experience has shown us how much your guests enjoy a day like this.

A day like this is a unique experience for those who have been to the races as well as those who have no race experience whatsoever.

Many days of testing are necessary before a race can be ridden. Different materials are tested and also every last part till everything is perfectly tuned. These efforts will hopefully result in securing the number 1 position.

Before the actual race there are preliminary races. These decide the starting positions. So you see, quite a lot goes on before an actual race. Anyone who has been a part of it has a good idea of what goes on behind the scenes.

The unique experience a day like this provides will give you lots of stories to share with your friends.

So, contact us, talk to us, so that we can let you, as sponsor, enjoy this unforgettable experience.
As sponsor you may also invite your friends to visit the Red Baron Classic Racing Team for a day.

What the day entails.

The Racing Team has many possibilities at their disposal to let you & your friends enjoy a unique peek behind the scenes.

The guests receive their previously ordered entry tickets and are made welcome in our reception area.
After you have enjoyed a refreshment one of the drivers will explain to you what a race weekend entails and will tell you about the cars we have there at the moment. The other drivers will share their latest experiences with you. Before the race they all have their own personal ritual and mostly spend some time on their own to get ready.
About 6 to 8 different classes are ridden in one weekend so you have plenty to watch and enjoy. The show really takes off when the race cars come out onto the track and if your logo is on car the excitement will be that much greater. You will feel the tension.

There are several different possibilities to sponsor the Red Baron Classic Racing Team.

There is of course the head sponsor but there are also sub sponsors who support the Team through out the year.

It is also possible to sponsor one single race. You are then welcome to visit the race along with your friends and to enjoy all of the facilities.
The sponsor packets we offer are divided into 3 groups.
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Master Class Sponsor Pakket (Click for info)