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Jo Willems has been active under the wings of his "Red Baron" garage since 1988.

In the mid-nineties other drivers, also experienced in organization, joined him and brought their experience and ingenuity with them.

As of 1995 Ed von Tongelen and Jo Willems have managed to put together a team to compete at the 6-hour race on the Nurnburgring.

This team of 3 drivers and a dozen volunteers had immediate success. They won the category not only that year but also the following years. In 1999, Ed von Tongelen en Robert Hamilton decided it was time to expand this cooperation.

In possession of an optimal infrastructure they strive for better performance.

At the end of 2000 the foundation was established and a truck was bought to be used as Hospitality and Activity Truck.

These activities resulted in the founding of the:

The Chairman
Robert Hamilton